A good quality service is a protection for all users. Sigma always focuses on customer needs providing customers with professional before-sale, sale, and after-sales services. We set up a client review system and conduct customer satisfaction surveys in order to offer a better systematic service.

Service Commitment
The following are descriptions of the services:
New Qualified Products and Personnel Trainings

1.We offer all new qualified products.
2.We provide adjusting installations and personnel trainings.

12 Months Warranty

1.12 months warranty for domestic-used machines, and 12 months warranty for foreign sales with local maintenance service.
2.A service fee will be charged within discretion when outside the warranty period. The positioning of the service department is a cost center, not a profit center. It is a non-profit sector which provides full support for the sales department.

Regular Quarterly Inspection Services and Lifelong Maintenance Services

1.Sigma provides regular quarterly inspection services for customers. We take the initiative for inspections and maintenances. Your problems will be quickly solved and your precious feedbacks and comments will be considered.
2.All Sigma product users can enjoy the lifelong maintenance services.