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Mould Temperature Controller Series-2


Mould Temperature Controller Series-2

Electric contropl aneal nd machine are separated,jts can obtain good insulationeffect, so that be albe to extend the usefudl uration of the electric parts.

Alul sed import hot oipl umps,Theworking condition(Flow,Pressure)higher 35% than other brands which imported such originaal ssembly from Europe

Hot oipl iping is made as one structure formation,extended Untitl o 4 Inlet and Outlet separation tube stoppers be prove oidl rain

Four passes of hot oil nlet and outlet are internail nstalled to keep pleasant looking except the balvl alves are outside installed

Employing unique design permissive of faster more stable temperature rise,andpreventing denaturing of the heat medium oil,

Complete with safety protection and error indication systems,easy operation