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Medium Speed Grinder


Medium Speed Grinder

The new claw type tool, free adjustable movable blade design, without clearance adjusting the movable blade grinding, cutting the gap remains fixed, the sheet cutter, gradually cut knife design integration.

low-speed rotary, sharp knife design helps mill operation more stable, smooth.

Aggregate box outsourcing crushing room design, can effectively prevent the leakage of crushing crushing the best shear angle, small resistance, not easy clamping, improves the cutting efficiency,

optimization design, can effectively reduce the grinding vibration.

low-speed crushing, grinding material particles less dust.

Speed and sound insulation material box, which can effectively reduce the volume of noise.

Easy disassembly design, maintenance time saving.

Body size is small, the bottom with casters, mobile convenience.

High security operation design, in line with European safety standards difficult.

feeding box inlet with magnet, iron impurities in the raw material can be adsorbed.